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Snapshot of My Twin Sis and Me

May 9, 2011
By danman92 BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
danman92 BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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Cathy and me
Taking our first breaths only
I’m a grumpy old man frowning while she’s
Smiling with eyes wide open
Embracing life as a
Father finding his long lost son

She’s brought that grumpy old man
Out of me plenty, through times of
Mom! She hit me! or
No! I need to use the computer!
But not yet once have her eyes failed
To pull me out of my crabby
I’m-not-in-the-mood shell

She’s softened my mean old heart
Like making me protect her
And the rest of the girls from the
Evil boys on the recess playground
Or those deep late night
Talks about God and life

To this day, I look at that very same picture and I
See what life could’ve been like
If it were only me in that frame, just a grumpy old
Man wandering through life alone
It is then I can see that
Grass is not always greener

As we start to part to big and better places
After 18 years of seeing each other’s faces
I pack up all the memories from then to now
Hoping to feel free till I see her again
With those same hopeful eyes
That never disappoint

The author's comments:
My twin Cathy is not just my sister; she's my best friend that I've been able to rely on my entire life. Without her, I doubt that I'd be the same person. Sadly, we'll be going to separate schools next year, and I was inspired to write this poem to show her how much I love her.

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