Eden Immortalized

May 9, 2011
I see your face reflected in the surface of the apple.
You speak in tongues, my friend!
What say you?
Take a bite?
Biting into the reflection I crave is forbidden,
Or so they say.
But why?
What forbids me from having you?

And so we fall,
Farther into this hellish floor.
Sinking beneath the tree and devouring ourselves.

And the apple slowly rolls out of my hand,
And if I were to pay attention,
I would see it begin to rot before my eyes.

But what?
What do you say, dear faraway fate?
I have been deceived?
And I turn,
and behold, my reflection is no longer reflected back at me.
All I hear and know is fleeting laughter in the wind.
Deception of the deepest sort.

And I know Eve’s pain as the garden sinks,
And I sink to my knees, unholy and yet, somehow whole.
Eden, in me, is immortalized.
You are immortalized, in me, unfortunately.

Were I to notice,
I might see that the apple is nowhere to be found.

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