The camera sees what the naked eye doesn't

May 4, 2011
By Anikachu333 GOLD, Woodbridge, Virginia
Anikachu333 GOLD, Woodbridge, Virginia
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The camera sees what the naked eye doesn’t.
A picture can tell a thousand words,
whether they were ever spoken or not.
A photograph will always capture the moment no matter
the emotions flying around while the shutter did its job.
I spy with my naked eyes, a blissful, sweet bubbly girl
in a meadow full of yellow flowers and butterflies flying around her.
But what do the camera lens see?
Hidden beneath that beautiful smile, is a face full of tears,
And a heart plastered together with scotch tape but again falling apart
Because it can no longer hold itself together.
In another photograph on the wall I see a cute, young couple
who both look awfully love struck.
The camera lens sees something rather different.
Behind that happy, sappy couple looking affect,
Are huge fights and arguments that shouts as if they’re hearts
declared war on each other.
Going through old photos I find one of two sisters hugging each other on
a Sunday evening, hugging tightly as if they share more then just DNA.
As if, they are joined at the hip and no bond can be stronger then sisters.
But the camera sees differently, it sees that twenty something years later they
Don’t even know each other. It sees that they both had a fight over a useless creature,
a guy, who deceived both of them and made them go against each other.
In another photo in the collage of memories,
I find a picture of two teenage girls at their high school football game.
Covered in face paint and decked out in school colors they were hugging and both
Doing the same picture pose and sticking their tongues out at the camera.
Little did the naked eye know that these best friends are no longer best friends
all because of a simple misunderstanding, and a few silly arguments that went to far.
Under the dusty shelves hidden between two books is a picture of a boy and a girl swinging on a porch swing together. They were best friends since a mere age of two. But they no longer are anymore all because the naked eye of the girl did not see how much the boy loved her and she went after the typical high school jock who treated her like crap and broke her former best friends heart.
The camera lens sees more then the naked eye.

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