Close My Door

May 4, 2011
I feel no more,
the pain has all gone away.
My body left on the floor,and from lack of touch; I decay.
For some reason I'm fading out-
My mind is saying to "run away".
Now runaway into the night!
Ignore the tears that no longer show.
Let your feet take take flight and take you to where you feel at home.
just make sure that your loneliness doesn't actually mean that you're alone.
But also know the price, that'll be so clear,
You'll have to pay.
Leave behind your hopes and dreams, and lock the door with key in hand.
Because there is nothing more in this dome for you to explore.
So on the other side find the truth and let your news hopes take root.
Leave behind all of your fear and the weary heart that you locked away so long ago.

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