May 1, 2011
By KaisaF BRONZE, Mitchell, South Dakota
KaisaF BRONZE, Mitchell, South Dakota
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The love we had
Now gone bad
I'm going to get you back
Watch out, I'm about to crack
You cause so much hurt
You left me in the desert
You cheated on me
Now I'm going to get you with glee
You think I'm insane?
Well, start a campaign
You said you would date me later
But you’re just a heart breaker
You needed space
And she was my replace
Guess I wasn’t worth it
You just didn’t want to commit
You don’t deserve a second chance
You don’t deserve even a glance
You’re just another player
Who made an error
You didn’t think I would care?
You had another affair
Now I'm going to get you
You love me? That has no value
I'm coming to get my payback
And I will not holdback
I'm going to scream and yell
So say your farewell
You better treat your girl right
Or she will ignite
You can’t throw us around
We are not bound
We have our own life
We are NOT your wife!
We are stronger than you think
Now what’s that stink?
It’s the smell of you ruining this world
I have now unfurled
Its people like you that cause depression
Now you better listen
I'm going to get my retaliation
It’s my last and only option

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