Holocaust Remembrance

May 1, 2011
We Remember...

We remember all the people who suffered,
And all the tears they may have shed,
We remember all the children,
torchred by one man,


One man ; whose prejudice
got in the way of humanity, all the innocence was stolen,
from children who never knew,
how life could really be like and how beautiful the world can be,
but instead they saw the dark side,
that is never all that true;


We remember all the survivors,
who's story's left us speechless,
and all the lessons they taught,
to everyone who listened;


We remember all the men who fought,
to bring freedom,
the freedom we all take for granted,
the freedom I love so dearly;


And Lastly we remember our friend Martin Lowenburg,
who I will never forget,
all the things he told us,
and all the pain I felt,
I know he lived through worse,
but I genuinely feel,
he taught me more lessons than a teacher could in one year

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