The Faces

May 1, 2011
She felt around in the darkness,
her heart within her ears.

She wept with silent persistence,
longing to be free
from this dark, oppressive prison,
that's ensnared her for so long.

Long since past have memories flown away,
leaving her an empty shell.

And long does she suffer,
drowning in this hell.

She's forgotten the smell of grass or the color of trees,
and the feeling of happiness or the sound of bees.

She forgot the taste of sugar
or the sweetness of dreams.

But one thing will never leave her mind.

Behind closed eyes and burnt into open ones are
The faces.

The faces haunt her mind,
scorching with their scorn.

So many and yet so few,
she remembers each and every one.

Every frown, curse, name...
She remembers them all.

And deep within her sadness,
this poor little girl must fall.

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