i love her,not you

May 1, 2011
By kesha11110 SILVER, Miami, Florida
kesha11110 SILVER, Miami, Florida
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the love we shared,
was right,
the love we shared,
was true,
the love we shared
never made us fight,
till we became
over due.

you were the one,
i cared about,
i changed myself
for you.
you were the one,
i always talked about
until you said
"i love her, not you".

that hurt me,
deeper than you know.
that made me do
things i never knew.
but i loved you,
and sure as hell cared,
but you left me,
without a word in hand.

i still love you,
i know i'm stupid,
i hope you would come back
in my dreams,
you were my cupid.

how could you lie,
when i loved you so much,
why did u say,
" I love her,not you".

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