I miss you

May 1, 2011
By Curly... BRONZE, Morton Grove, Illinois
Curly... BRONZE, Morton Grove, Illinois
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You're right in front of me
But I miss you
I know it might not make sense
But not everything does

Before you'd make me laugh
We'd smile at each other
And I'd admire the way your eyes
Twinkle when you looked at me

And now all there is
Is a coldness
That makes you look like a stranger
Maybe you are now

But beneath my smile
Is pain, longing, and remorse
And behind yours
Is disgust and hate

I'm becoming accustomed to it
I wish it weren't true
But the hope that things would change
Has been long gone

By a reluctant accepting
That there's an ending to everything
Even my happiness

Even what we once
Foolishly thought
Would be an ever-lasting
True love

I miss you

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