Electric Feelings

April 30, 2011
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Striking and electrifying,
you appeared to my
naive blue eyes.
Dangerous, I knew you were,
but I couldn't resist
the temptation that lingered.

I had to get closer to you.
I was fascinated with your
brightness and how different
you were compared to
others of your kind.

You instantly struck me,
and I knew I was
scarred for life.

You put me in pain,
but I accepted it and
was persistent in trying to
be as close to you as I could.

You never struck me twice,
you moved on before that
was possible.

I'm still not sure what
hurt me more;
The fact that struck me
So violently, or that
You gave up on me right away.

The aftermath was no
happy recovery;
my brain just couldn't
function like it had before.

I was cautious to be within
even fifty feet of your species,
I didn't want to be put
in that kind of pain
once again.

I'm improving, my thoughts
aren't so messed up
anymore, and I've
learned to keep a safe distance
from you, and others like you.

You were just like lightning,
in possibly every aspect.

I'm still stricken by your love.
Shocking, isn't it?

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