A Moment

April 30, 2011
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A cool, gentle breeze flows past.
The air is so cool.
A light jacket keeps me warm.
But my face is unprotected.
Turned towards the wind.
All is quiet.
Not a single thing stirring.
I open my eyes.
It is twilight.
Everything is dim.
Everything is twilight blue.
There is utter silence.
Utter peace.
I breathe deep as the next breeze comes.
The smell is clean.
The smell is pure.
The smell is perfect.
There is a hint of grass.
It is perfect.
A perfect moment.
Of complete peace.
There are no sounds.
The breeze is gentle and pleasant against my skin.
The twilight is beautiful.
Just a moment.
A perfect moment.
Only experienced on the perfect nights.
Just a moment.
A moment.

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