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April 30, 2011
By BlameItOnTheRain. SILVER, Mexia, Texas
BlameItOnTheRain. SILVER, Mexia, Texas
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"How much you put into it, determines how much it hurts in the end."

We set sail on a tossing sea
The excitement of it all frightened me
But Mama says we have to go
There's too many guns and blood in the snow

It's gone too far, there's no going back
It's only a short time before they start to attack
So here we are now, jammed in quite tight
With barely enough beds to sleep in at night

It's been weeks upon weeks and I haven't a clue
Where we've been headed or what we're to do
There's no place in this world for a child like me
But Daddy says here, we'll be happy and free

Days passed by and soon we could see
The country, the nation, the land of the free
The ship was docked, the inspections soon start
Some of the people just didn't have heart

Some made it through, some were sent back
Some of the lucky ones were given a snack
We had to wait, but they soon called our name
But it was different somehow, it just wasn't the same

"Daddy, they said it wrong. You don't say it like that."
But Daddy just smiled and gave me a pat
Out of the building and onto the road
My head and my heart were about to explode

Oh so beautiful, Lord what a sight
It filled me up with so much delight
There were no guns, no blood in the snow
No soldiers with half gone people in tow

Some years ago, we were rushed away
And here we've been living, since that day
But here I must end this story of me
Sending hope and true love, sincerely Sarah-Lee

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