April 30, 2011
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On the first day,
They wiped out happiness
Smiles were impossible
Sadness took over our faces
Eyes were no longer bright and alert

On the second day,
Colour was gone
Black and white overpowered greens and yellows
Greyness abounded
The world was dull and expressionless

On the third day,
They stole our senses
Everything was hidden in the shadows of our eyes
The smell of flowers and fresh fruit was taken over
The scent of death lingered in the air
Beautiful sounds and songs, were no more

On the fourth day,
They took away daylight
With the flick of a switch
We were plunged into darkness
An eternal eclipse
On the fifth day,
They took our individuality
Uniforms were issued
Everyone looked the same
We had been robotised
It was impossible to distinguish one person from another

On the sixth day,
They banished love
Hearts were broken
Without love we were nothing
Affection lying dead in the bodies of all

On the seventh day
Hope was lost
Nobody cared what was coming
Nothing mattered anymore
Death was imminent
Numbness resonated

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