The Loveless Rambler

April 30, 2011
By Fiona Montagne BRONZE, Boise,ID, Idaho
Fiona Montagne BRONZE, Boise,ID, Idaho
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You’re a stranger who hides herself from everyone
Even Me…The person who brought you out of your home
It’s hard for you to love, when it’s been a long, cold, blustery winter for that heart of yours
But spring has come ever so sweetly
The sun won’t shine for long
So I will say to that fragile, broken face,
“Welcome home, you Loveless Rambler.”
Your eyes light up, with a hungry look for happiness
You and I will talk for a while
You tell me such things that make me smile
Your best escape is music
And kittens make you feel all warm and foolish
After a little, you say you should go home
Home to you is going back to being hidden
Home is pain, where it rains 24/7 of sorrow& the feeling of being forgotten
Before you take off, I look at you and say with a weary expression on my face,
“I love you…Take care”
You just face the other way; I can sense your agony as you hear the bittersweet words
I gaze at the ground, I see you run off out of the corner of my eye
Your heart is beating quick and hard with balance
Tears run down your face at a fast but steady pace as your feet hit the ground
The sparkles of the salty water shine like diamonds on that porcelain white face of yours
They fall like glass, swift but broken
Your hands grasp a skinny purple pen with your name engraved on the side
You write out all of your heart and mind
All the thoughts and words create a diary, just for you to read and no one else
Your heart starts to mend itself slow but tenderly
The small booklet is your haven, as well as my voice
When you hear my voice, I know you’re giving yourself a tiny smile as I say lovingly,
“Hello, my Loveless Rambler, I’ve been expecting you.”

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