Heart-breaking Monster

April 30, 2011
By chelseakoryn BRONZE, Chandler, Arizona
chelseakoryn BRONZE, Chandler, Arizona
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You are a Heart-breaking monster
Tearing up two heats, shred by shred.
You want this one, yet you kiss the other
You’ve built two worlds.
One around Target number one,
And one around target number two.
Which will you choose?
One is better than the other,
you just can’t decide which it is.
You’ve seen both of their tears, and you
Still choose to play your games.
When did your soul decide to be so cruel?
You knew this would happen.
You knew it would come down to one or the other
You seem so sweet and innocent,
but you are not; You destroyed both of them.
Why didn’t you stop the game?
You are a Heart-breaking monster

I have this fight with the reflection in the mirror every morning.

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