I Remember. . . .

April 30, 2011
By Valerie1234 GOLD, Whitmore Lake, Michigan
Valerie1234 GOLD, Whitmore Lake, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
"It is better to have loved and lost then to have never loved at all"

I remember when I would stay in my pajamas all day instead of spending my time in the morning putting on make-up
When the biggest problem was who was to be invited to Ken & Barbies wedding and the only boy problems were... Well ther wasn't any.
I remember when gas was only $1.80 a gallon and there was no "Global Warming"
When swear words were never heard by children, let alone pass their lips
When "Shut up!" and "Butthead" were bad words
I remember when the hard times were never seen, because there seemed to not be any
When life was easy...
I remember when f*** actually had meaning, and it stung. Now it's thrown around as if it's nothing
When there was always food on the table and paying the bills wasn't a problem
I remember, don't think I forgot the time you told me to never worry and that everything would be alright, where are you to say that now?
When our "school" day consisted of watching Dragon Tales, Sesame Street and The Magic Schoolbus while sippin' on chocolate milk out of a sippy-cup
I remember how we'd pretend we were mermaids in the bathtub
When daddy had to wash our hair in the shower every night 'cause we just didn't know how...
Hell I remember when we called you Daddy and gave you hugs and said we loved you everyday...
I remember how he'd tuck us in every night, "Onesie! Twosie! Threesie!"
I remember when the problems to the world seems invisable, not endless
When High School and Peer Pressure didn't exist and the fights with your best friend only lasted a few hours, tops.
I remember how we always said we wanted to be grown up and have a boyfriend, now all we want is to be young and ignorant like we once were, without boys
When people asked what I wanted to be I told them "Oh, I'm be a pwincess when I gwo up." Or simply, "I'm not sure, I have plenty of time to figure it out." What happened to that time?
I remember mom, when you said you'd always love me, now you hurt me so much
When I was I was oblivious and ignorant to the surrounding world and its problems
I remember when the word marijuana meant nothing and weed was something I found in mom's garden, not in the pockets of 13 year old boys and girls
When pills, I had to take crushed up with pudding...Not popped in like grapes
When I always wanted dad to stop smoking, and I always said I'd never be like that
I remember when life was easy and there was no stress or worries. When things were good and everyone was happy

If Only We Could All Go Back . . . . . .

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