April 29, 2011
By Ins@nity BRONZE, Wheaton, Maryland
Ins@nity BRONZE, Wheaton, Maryland
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In a fractured moment,
Have decided
Who I am.
Have assumed my fate,
And deemed me
Perhaps without realizing,
You switch sidewalks
To distance yourself
From my unkempt hair
And my change cup.

With a fleeting glance,
You turn me in to all sorts
Of creatures
Of demons
Of lowlifes.
You pass, hugging your children close
For I am the unknown
The abnormality
The grab bag of fears
But I once had a daughter,
So I understand.

If you’d taken the time to ask,
You would find that I am simply
A man,
Down on his luck
You’d hear of fears, hopes, and deeply-buried dreams
Collecting dust
And you would see
The only differences between us
Are a few layers of dirt
And a shattered spirit.

The author's comments:
When walking, I all too often watch as people ignore the the homeless. Their pleas, their requests, their very existence. Whether it is out of fear or disgust, we all have been guilty of avoiding these mis fortunate humans. I want people to remember that everyone has reasons, and everyone has a story--even if you don't know it.

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