Noise-Canceling Headphones

April 29, 2011
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I could really use a pair of some noise-canceling headphones.
They’re all the rage, I’ve heard, these days,
But yes, the noise outside has become a little too overwhelming,
A little too distracting, biting, distressing, a little too overwhelming.

For starters, the perpetually repeating, perpetually pounding thump of my alarm clock must go,
Forget those baggy eyes, but please – give back my sleep, give back my sanity!
Simply one extra hour, or maybe two? That’s all I ask, I’m begging you.
Even the snooze button surrenders in this day after day nightmare,
But I bet it’s nothing that these headphones can’t handle.
Just, please – please don’t leave me in this never-ending battle.

Or what about all the jibbering and jabbering of class lectures,
Quickly filling the precious minutes of my hourglass with empty air bubbles,
Or the recurring frustration and exasperation, incessant grumbles and groans of Mom and Dad,
Honestly, my room, posture, manners are tolerable, even satisfactory to everyone but you,
Or what about those college counselors, with the heavy downpour of stress they bring,
Or the malicious rumor that just started burning, the racist remark that just came hurling?

I could really use a pair of some noise canceling headphones.

But wait, just a second, I’m curious to know – just how much noise does it cancel?
There’s humility in the homeless man, as he begs down the street,
Fortitude in the student, as he stands up to confront the “elite,”
Confidence in the teenager, as he bravely asks out his crush of one year,
And courage in the boy, as he declares his homosexuality without a hint of a blush.
What about these noises? Are they noises? They could be simply sounds.

These noise canceling headphones, I must be completely assured,
Will stick to only noises of blubbering and blabbering, nothing less, nothing more.
I say, Let the voices of tenacity, audacity, and spunk be heard strong and loud,
With that, I am off – for there are some noise-canceling headphones to be found.

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