The Beauty, the Beast and the Bereaved

April 29, 2011
By Cinnabonbon BRONZE, Bend, Oregon
Cinnabonbon BRONZE, Bend, Oregon
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Her eyes are translucent, like pools of melted diamonds
Her hair is the color of the sun shining on a wheat field
As she walks by, mouths gape open
Confidences plummet
Her cherry-red lips are always smiling
She is surrounded by people who love her
Her skin is without a flaw, not a single blemish
She is a rose in a meadow of wildflowers
She is beautiful
She is deceived as perfect
Her blank stare means nothing
Her brain is an unresponsive capacity of mush
Her smile has been wasted so many times, it is worthless
The color of her hair is fake
Nothing but stupidity and offense leave her perfect lips
Behind her mask of makeup lives a hideous creature clawing at the cracks of her appearance
Those innocent doe-eyes transform into beady black doors of hatred and deception
Her clockwork is twisted and skewed
She is without compassion or kindness
She is a monster waiting to destroy her prey
The few souls daring to knock on her door are demolished by the terror lurking inside
But beneath the beauty and the beast there lives a lonely sad soul longing for love
She is empty
Really no one loves her
She once had love, but it destroyed her
She vowed to destroy love itself
She became a monster, a black hole luring victims into her trap
She once was beautiful
But she was killed by a broken heart

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