you have been bad

April 29, 2011
By Anonymous

-Woken in the middle of the night
-'Shh. You have been bad.'
-Can barely see anything in the darkness
-'Please dont tell mom.'
-He lays on the bed, pants open
-'Do what i say, and i wont.'
-Small hands round his hot member
-'I dont want to get whiped.'
-Crying, terrifided of further punishment
-'Belts draw blood you know.'
-Soon, he wants more
-'Blow me.'
-'I dont want to.'
-Moans escape his lips constantly
-'Mmm! Nnn! Uhh!'
-Forced to go to his climax
-'Now, dont be bad again.'
-Violently shaking hands covered in his seed
-'Or i will tell mom you were bad.'

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