a mad girl's ode to loneliness.

April 29, 2011
so i let myself fade into you and i couldn’t unravel just what was starting
and now you asked me to fade completely and i feel myself parting
my lips quiver as i stand before you, my voice gone
i shook my head, too proud to let myself go, and your pain about to show
“i changed who i was for you”, you told me so dearly
“but,” i said, my voice echoing, “you change yearly”
your eyes turned into dadgers, your fists were balled in rage
“i just never know when to turn my next page,” you said, ever so angry
so i took my shadow and drew myself away, into the afternoon, into the day
i remained silent until my mother asked me, “how is prince charming?”
and i screamed and screamed, which was utterly alarming
i couldn’t stop screaming until i was all alone, in a dark, empty cell
“you know,” i told myself, cold and shivering, “being alone is a different type of hell."

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