May 8, 2011
By Killswitch SILVER, Hooversville, Pennsylvania
Killswitch SILVER, Hooversville, Pennsylvania
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The uncontrollable resides within pulling you from the inside out,
Each vein is like another string to your heart.
Tension is the comfort you seek,
The only indication of the life you still hold

What once was is no more,
Mutilated till appearance fades to oblivion.
Day after day the eyes slowly mimic hatred itself,
Ripping apart others like the demon you are.

Failure is all but second nature,
As the cage within your soul is unleashed
Frigid flames flood the mind
As the past is crumbling away,
Cracking like a great tundra of ice.

You attempt to run from the darkening eclipse,
Only to be swallowed by foreboding despair.
Collapsing for an eternity to your knees,
Blood taints the ground dripping to the slow beat of demise
As a silent scream roars across the living.

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