You and Me

May 8, 2011
By Killswitch SILVER, Hooversville, Pennsylvania
Killswitch SILVER, Hooversville, Pennsylvania
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As I lay beneath the stars,
piercing moonlight illuminates the way to your arms.
Thought after thought, dream after dream,
My mind circling for true clarity.

Your eyes soothe my hearts hurricane,
like the stitching to beaten scars,
as the angelic touch of your
brings tears to my withered soul.

Nightmares spread like fire throughout the scarlet sky,
multiplying as the days pass twilight.
I stand my ground with you eternally,
through the clashing of fallen dreams
and the echoes of lies ravaging the past.

A familiar daybreak shines through the darkness,
blinding all evil within my weary sight,
as reality sets in around me.
Nothing of this world is alike
to the happiness your love leaves me tonight.

The author's comments:
About a girl in my life.

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