15 Ways To Bug A Writer/Avid Reader

May 7, 2011
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Directions: These only work if you're an ignorant non-writer/anti-reader

1. Ask them to read your own work

2. Ask them to edit/proof read your school work

3. Steal their pens/pencils

4. Steal their note books

5. When they're busily writing (stories or poems) come up and ask them: “Are you doing your homework?”

6. Same as five, but instead ask: “Can I read it?”

7. Ask if they're going to publish a book, and if so, why haven't they already?

8. Ask to edit their work

9. If you hear to writers discussing their work, join in, and clam that you're an amazing writer. (And probably better than them)

10. Ask what genre they write, then say that you've always hated that genre for some reason.

11. Ask a writer about their story, then connect the plot to another book totally unlike it

12. Ask an avid reader their favorite book, then say: “Oh! That was a great movie!”

13. Steal the book they're reading

14. Ask who the author of the book they're reading is, then ask: “Didn't they write (obviously a book they didn't writer)?”

15. Read over their shoulder

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