Never forgotten

May 7, 2011
By LiL_Boxer_619 BRONZE, Springdale, Arkansas
LiL_Boxer_619 BRONZE, Springdale, Arkansas
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Sometimes you have to fall before you fly.
For every dark night there's a brighter day.

I'm just sittin here thinkin 'bout you.
Thinkin 'bout you reminds me of how tight we use to be
Thikin 'bout how tight we once were just reminds me of that day
Ahh yea that day. You know what i'm talkin 'bout.
Yea i'm talkin bout my promise. Ha you thought i would forget?Nah
No I aint gonna let you suffer anymore.
I Know i haven't always been there for you.
But here i am to stay with you forever.
I told you i was gonna take you with me as soon as i left this place.
And I don't plan on leavin until i have you with me.
So hang on a lil more lil one, and we'll soon be gone.
I'm never gonna brake that promise, cause me brakin my promise,
well that's just not me. You know me i fall through with what i say
So just hang in there I'mma get you out of here just wait
Cause we gonna be tight till the end, and everyone knows it that's why they be hatin on us. Ha well let them hate cause a bond this tight wont ever be broken. well love ya lil cousin, ha my bad more like lil bro.
Man we grew up together.We been ther for each other when no one else would. Lil man I know you still might be a lil too young to understand this but, sometimes there's times where people will tell you they love and care 'bout you.
But only the ones who truly mean it will be there.
But just know this.... I love you, you're my lil bro, you're my blood and I will always be ther for you. It doesn't matter how far I am away from you. You need me and i'll be there.
So peace love and take care baby, cause I care for you and always will, love ya lots.

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