For You

May 30, 2011
By riverstreambrooke SILVER, Canton, Connecticut
riverstreambrooke SILVER, Canton, Connecticut
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"make it a great day!" -Mason Beekley
"what happened to our future? 'cause i can see it in the rearview." -gary go

You're stranger than
the stars in the attic
and closer than
the strangers in the street
You're as frightening
as walking from a public restroom
without knowing if you flushed the toilet
You're as safe as falling from the moon.
I wish that I could save you
from all that bumps the night
from all the shakes and whispers
that shiver in our bones.
But when you look at me
I'm younger than you ever were
weaker than you'll never be
stronger than I never could.
I'll reach my shining hand
into your dark abyss
and find you comfortable on her couch.
Could you leave, for me?
Can you?
Will you

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