A Love Poem

May 7, 2011
By Anonymous

The times we have encountered are many, respected teller of truth
And what I felt first of thee was anticipation...
Perhaps thou hast the power to change a treacherous subject which troubleth me
But thy encouragement was the only matter I believe to have received
And thus, I longed for more, but more thou would not give
Nevertheless, I now resolve there is much tremendous more
For thou offereth me thy precious smiles, doctrines, and enthusiasms
Wanting from me nothing but devoted attention and rejoicing
The strength in manner and in thy eyes which lookst at me
At once filled me with solicitous fear
Thou sees the truth and shines thy knowledge forward
It did seem like a beacon when the sun twas already scorched my soul
I shied away from thy words and generosities, from passionate comforts I had not first perceived
My mind longed to flee but I am e’er encountered by these arrows of reality
And e’er glad I am that I was encountered by thee
I tell thee humbly my heart longed to flee, for it longs no more
The truths thou hast told thou tellst with love and with intentions benevolent
Now with reliance to thee I come, with faith and with mild necessity
That which I desire is not what I e’er before requested
What I ask of thee weighs more upon me than all matters
Which thou hast my convictions shall be eager and ne’er exhaust
It is the providing of more of what thou must tell
That I may be further kindly pierced by thy wounding-healing colloquies
Which wounds the heart though heals the improvement of self
So that I may become a scholar more confident
But I long not to be insolent nor jovial, nor with totality buoyant
My gentle, modest and e’er determined self now doth feel
The compelled and heightened need of being cherished by thee

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