Death's Door

May 7, 2011
By em0punkl0v3r PLATINUM, MOUNTAIN HOME, Arkansas
em0punkl0v3r PLATINUM, MOUNTAIN HOME, Arkansas
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"Live like you will only live once, party like there's no tomorrow, die leaving you know you gave all you got."

The minute hand
Counting down hours
Ticking as I talk
And tocking as I walk
Moving slow
But fast
Never holding back
Time doesn’t cease
“Stop!” I cry
It doesn’t listen “Stop it!”
I’m hurrying
I can’t go faster
I run
I’m hauling it
I must hurry
I need time
The clock
It won’t stop
I’m heading for the door
It’s closing
I need out
I must go on
I can’t make it
I stumble
My own feet gave out
I’m lying on the ground
The door clicks shut
I hear the echoes decease
I’m lying there
I’m done
I’m dead
I didn’t make it
I’m in the dark
And all I hear is
The clock
It ticks as I cry
And tocks as I die
It’s the clock of life
And mine has finished

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