The Undecisive

May 7, 2011
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There’s a crack in the wall
A small crack, a small crack indeed
Through that crack I can see light
Light that burns the very essence of my existence
It’s not the light that bothers me
It’s what is in the light
The people who feed from it
The people who have to be the stars
So as I stare at the crack
That oh so small crack in the wall
I think of the people who are out there
The people who have to be amazing
The ones who think that they are everything
To be in the light would make me one of them
I like to be different
I have to be in this room with a small crack in the wall
It reminds me of who I am
I will forever stay in this room
And I will forever look out this crack
And stay who I am
I shall not change my mind
I will stay here, and I will like it
It is not that I wish to stay here
It is that I do not want to be them
So, as a promise to myself
I shall stay here
In this room
With the small crack
In the wall
That shows that light
Of people who are amazing
As I sit here
Being myself
Staring at this crack
Being nothing and forgotten

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