I Need You

May 7, 2011
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I’ve thought and thought and thought and thought
But I have not decided
My mind was slowly taking chances
When we first collided

I talk to you and I feel high
Like I don’t know who I am
You make me feel like I’m so special
And I don’t understand

You’re words makes me go quiet
Just to see what you have to say
I try to keep myself busy
But I cannot walk away

You take my breathe away
Though you know I need to breathe
You try and try to tell me
That you only love me

I’m not sure what to tell you
Because I just can’t describe it
So I sit here in my chair
And so I try to write it

You make the clouds come and go
You stop and start the rain
I’ve decided that, to keep me well
That you’re my cure for pain

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