God's phrase

May 7, 2011
By Anonymous

Come and stay in my heart,
my heart is just for you
strengthen your trust upon me,
my heart is always for you.

Last night in your dreams,
you said-" i want to be with you"
i moved my hands on your head
and said-"i am always there for you"

When you walk along looking for me
i am where?
But i am walking along with you,
guiding you and taking care.

You were feeling lonely,
full of misery and sadness
just one smile i gave,and
your heart burst out with fullness

In all the creatures,big and small
In vast sky and the deep sea
In yourself, most of all
the one you find is me.....

The author's comments:
one day i saw god in my dreams.. talking to me.. my dream inspired me to write this piece..

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