May 7, 2011
By woeismoi BRONZE, Waikoloa, Hawaii
woeismoi BRONZE, Waikoloa, Hawaii
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What do we mean by peace?
Peace on Earth?
As in peace between nations?
Or peace of mind?
As in human relations?

Peace on Earth would mean no more fighting
But peace of mind,
does not sound too exciting.
An existence without adversity and strife
may be halcyon and blithe
but to me,
sounds like a very boring life.

Change and challenge,
do not conclude to peace or tranquility
but, a devoid of such dreaded qualities,
with what ability would we attain?

No progress comes from peace,
so where would man be?
For, how much knowledge can one find in one’s self,
if man-kind would not strive?
It is with endeavor that we gain knowledge.
And it is with knowledge we gain power.

With no aspire to spur inspiration,
how do we find meaning in life?

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