Never will i be like her .

May 6, 2011
By Anonymous

You Left when i was 6 ,
i havent seen or even talked to you since , Breaks my heart everytime i think of you , what you did to my mom , Would you like another man do that to yours , oh thats right ,you wouldnt care , You left us sitting on them stairs , Crying , ! How would you feel if we cut your chest open & ripped your heart out ? How did you expect me to survive here ? Without you to come home to ! Without you to help me ! Tell me ! i wish you would just listen , ! For once in your life . But youve already got another wife , Maybe even a few kids , Forgot about me , & mom , & chris , !
i wonder if you ever think of me , You probably wouldnt even recongnize me , But everytime , i look in that mirror in the hall , all i see is you in me , i wish you would just come home , Restart everything , put the past in the past , & let go what mom did , I was your little girl , threw thick & thin , together , me & you against the world !
but that would never happen ,
I will never fall for a guy like you , I will never be like her .
Cause im scared of the risk .
& the outcome .

The author's comments:
My father ,

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