The Confines of One's Mind

May 6, 2011
By alliegeoca SILVER, Penfield, New York
alliegeoca SILVER, Penfield, New York
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~(500) Days of Summer

my mom screams at me when I turn all the lights in the house on at the crack of dawn.
i tell her im scared of the dark.
mom laughs. chuckles giggles patsmyhead
walks back. lights off. mom goes up and back to bed.
sissy hollers for taking all the hot water before she has a chance shower.
i say im afraid to get cold.
now i only use ice. numbs my face feet fingers brain
all the warmth spins down the drain.
my friends tease me because im scared of things they promise cant be real.
i explain that theyll be sorry when it comes.
“youre stupid. youre scary.” circle whisper heads bent
i talk to grass underfoot secrets given secrets lent.
dad yells when I keep my door open always through murky black night.
i say i need a fast escape for when monsters come.
door closes. dad sighs. cries frowns notsoproud
mighty roar here it comes i scream out loud.

and no one hears. no one comes not a one to care.
here look im ‘g o n e’. monster comes. everyone beware.

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