More Than a Frog

May 6, 2011
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Elastic smiles
Among miles of plastic
Streets with faded divides
Leagues of hot heads and cold minds
Preying on nature's precious time
Bought and sold
to the highest bidder
While society pretends the world's not getting thinner

Natural effulgence
lights the path to truth's emergence
Populations hang in cocoons
Each wove by misconceptions
And fantasies that breathe creation
Boiled in a pot of whispers
Immortality, Immortality

There's a place where organic lights outshine the artificial
Where realism outweighs the superficial
Here, the ground sits unobscured by tiles
and every shout is heard for miles
Natural laws are embraced
Not placed on trial
This place I just haven't found yet

Lakes on the surface
Like scars on your palms
Provide insight into the past
A purple Earth traced back
Alien worlds keeping track

Echolocation brushes cities submerged
Ancient aviation before the invention of words
Here, the battles range from monsters to the unseen
Fear, the driving force of giggles, screams and all in between
To cure it is to subsidize nature

Crescent in the sky
Backed by perpetual speckles of blue and white
It's in the night your mind finds its place
Only fright obscures the fires of space
Only might clouds the intellect of human minds

But alas, we've found a place where nature runs rampant
Where creatures hunt not with claws
but spears
It's a wildlife refuge
on a global scale
It's a sanctuary for life
From brains to tails
As its most powerful creations
It's out duty to offer unfaltering protection
Yet here we are
Poking and jabbing
Practicing daily dissection

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alex198 said...
Jun. 25, 2011 at 4:24 pm
I love how blunt you are in this piece. You just say what you think no matter how harsh and I find that honesty refreshing in a poem. There were some great lines in this, but I think my favourites were in the first verse. It's so truthful and the rhythm and the words fit so perfectly together. I really liked this poem. Well done! :)
AdultSwim replied...
Jun. 27, 2011 at 10:49 am
Thanks a lot for all the reads and comments man, I really appreciate it. And more so thanks for actually understanding my writing, haha. It's appreciated.
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