Historic Sky

May 6, 2011
By kearns611208 BRONZE, Prospect Hts., Illinois
kearns611208 BRONZE, Prospect Hts., Illinois
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Far, tiny, bright, illumination
Up high on a dark open canvas
Shining, twinkling, stars

I lay in the green, dew covered grass
I wait for the orange sun to disappear
I imagine the beauty that will unfold

The sunset sky fades to black
The sun is nowhere to be seen
Any minute now

A star makes it through the darkness
It’s followed by billions of its relatives
Together they form pictures in the sky

Something interrupts my focus on the stars
Its position is in the middle of the pictures
It captures my full and complete attention

Big, round, full, white
Up high, accented by billions of stars
Numerous craters, mysterious, moon

July 21, 1969
Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin
First men to walk on the moon

Neil Armstrong climbs down the latter
His left foot reaches the surface below
“One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”

Buzz Aldrin joins him on the moon
His feet leaving permanent prints
On the powdered charcoal surface

Collecting unique rock samples
Jumping across bowl-shaped craters
Snapping pictures viewed for centuries

Red, white, and blue in hand
They stuck it in the sandy surface
The symbol of American pride

I continue to watch as the sky turns pink
The sun overpowers the dark sky
Tonight the historic moon will return with all its beauty

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