I'm Just Keepin' It Real

May 6, 2011
By PoeticNaezy17 BRONZE, Evergreen, Alabama
PoeticNaezy17 BRONZE, Evergreen, Alabama
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I'm just keepin it real when everything gets down to the real deal.

I'm just keepin it real when you learn everythings not fun it games.

I'm just keepin it real once you find out how some boys really feel.
I'm just keepin it real and ohh baby when you find out that the saying you seek and you will find turns out be real I'm gne still be keeping it real because everthing is not gonna always be easy,everything aint always gone be fun in games this is a shame but it is so true,and when you find out wat that boy really wants from you and trust me you will find out too don't get all down and blue that's just what some of them do,and when you walk around seeking for attention i won't forget to mention that you will find it but it won't be from the person your trying to get it from.so let me tell you child I'm just keepin it real take my advice and use it you might need it I'm not trying to be mean or nothing baby I'm just keepin it real

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