May 2, 2011
By Anonymous

Cant live with them cant live without them
I used to think the same way
Tell I met Tuesday
Monday has left me
She started out as a headache or what some people call a hangover
Like most relationships this is how it started out
But as the day went by I tried to find reason to be happy
But just like a Monday it was only the start
Tuesday left me no surprise but at least I can sing about it
But she was only number two
Man oh man I thought I had learned from the first one
Three times the charm why she was only number three
I thought it would be easy
She was indeed only number three and she left me quicker than she came
Now the week is half over
Thursday a not so up tight kinda gal but i still have to deal with the daily chores
Still I am working to support us both
Good bye
Hello firday
She is perfect when you want to have fun
First you do the work
Then you party
But she ended in tragedy
Saturday came along
But she was like Friday
They both leave you broke
And unhappy

The lucky number seven
She is perfect for
I can rest
And relax
And she even
Put sports on for me
Since it’s a Sunday
She don’t let anybody brother me
No bill collectors
No work
No school
No bank
And she is the only day I can have food cooked for me

The author's comments:
yes i know the week starts on sunday. but for me it dont

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