Recounting and Revenge

May 2, 2011
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She loads the gun
She looked in suspicion
She adorns a black cloak of disguise
She walked with increased step
She stakes out the house
She turned her head
She waits as the sun dips
She saw the shadow grow
She grinds her teeth nervously
She came face to face
She feels her heart beat, drowning out all
She looked into the eyes of sickness
She grips the tool, comprehending foreignness
She screamed out in helplessness, shrill to the ears
She glares at her watch illuminating darkness
She was consumed by impurity
She jumps as the front door creaks
She wished for death
She walks, illuminated by the streetlight
She cried in agony, a beaten soul
She shakes in tenseness, and raises it
She feels her neck crushed
She nuzzles the cold metal against his neck
Her flame was gone
His soul is extinguished

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