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May 1, 2011
Shackles on my feet

Cuffs on my wrists

Cuts on my chest

Glass in my feet

They call me a monster

They make the links of my bindings with





My pride is gone

Blown away with the wind

I cannot speak

I cannot act




The word plays over and over

In this hell called my mind

I sigh to the wind

Look to the sky

And wonder if God can see me

See my pain

My suffering

My sorrow

I am black

Black like fertile soil

And you can take my tongue out

Take my family

Take me to the brink of death

But you cannot take my faith

Cannot take these words out my heart

One day

One sweet day

You and I will look each other in the eyes

Me black like pitch

You white like salt

We will stare into the eyes of one another

And either we will understand each other

Or we will murder each other in our hearts

I have a dream


A black man can dream

I have a dream

That one day you and I will shake hands in unity

Understand each other

Put this hate behind us

But I'm not too uneducated to know

That a man can only dream

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