Just (Everything) MAG

April 21, 2011
By Anonymous

I, cannot fold my sheets
I, only think of places
I, count the tiny feets
I, rush by races
I, am too fast for them
I, am rambling over syllables like I knew I was accountable for every little speck ofdust on my mother's '89 Caddy with curbfeelers and funky purple and white dice
I, can't do much by myself
I, believe in a savior
I, believe in righteous behavior
I, think we should do ourselves a favor
I, find myself building philosophies from dust
I, know that we were made from rocksbroken by lust
I, struggle with God
I, armwrestle Him like I could win the crown of the world
I, know I can't
I, am a lowly sinner
I, hate the word queer
I, am conflicted
I, know a queer
I, know the bible
I, know the love I have for a queer and the bible
I, want to let every secret pour out like a weeping school child admitting every past trespass on even the bold ant who stumbled across the four square line in the third grade!
I, am a quiet man's son
I, am saying what I think he might have had he said anything with his dying breath
And I, am slow to start … But I've been known to finish strong
I, thank you if you've made it this far
I, love you, Dad

The author's comments:
This piece is about my family mostly. The conflicts of my faith and the knowledge I have of my families defiance of God.

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