High School

April 19, 2011
By Alexandria Tacoma BRONZE, Falmouth, Michigan
Alexandria Tacoma BRONZE, Falmouth, Michigan
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High schools a joke. Your “best friend” yeah, she just told everyone your biggest secrets.
High schools a lie. That captain of the football team, yeah, he’s considering suicide.
High school hurts. That feeling when your ex won’t even look at you anymore…yeah it kills.
High school is fear. That kid you just bullied, you make him feel worse to make yourself look better. Just so people won’t make you feel the same way you just made him feel.
High school is crazy. The sleepless nights and early morning work shifts.
High school is stressful. Pressure for good grades and high scores in the big basketball game.
High school is long. 4 years never went by so slow.
High school is….Well now, High school is over…..let the real world begin.

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