On War

April 19, 2011
By Anonymous

Bombs that destroy.
the hell fire that falls from the sky.
A damning blow
to destroy the world,
destroying out homes; our lives.
A tank sank into a blurry pit

of melted asphalt.
Do you remember the peace?
A time when bombs were only

heard in the far off distance.
Vee of fingers.
In our country peace
in theirs victory.
Grey smoke that billows,
ash that floats
on winds
straight from hell.
Their country’s flag draped over
the shoulders that hold up this
burning place.
Not the Weary,
The Strong
Not the Weak

but the Scared
Scared but the war that destroys the land
the innocent families
being destroyed
like the twisted scolding metal.
The truck draped
in human and metal.
Ideas that kill just like guns.
Freedom fighters

Until the bomb strikes and they
are twisted within the metal, parodies of humility.
lights the sky with death.
Take from them all they cherish,
take from them what we take for granted:
The cloud of ash, smoke, fire
reminds us that people once lived

in this place of ash, smoke, and fire.
All that remains is the floating snow- ash
and a crater.
Run from the damning smoke, the
air seared, bodies mutilated.
Oh, modern warfare.
How you destroy all to construct.
Women out-spoken—a crime
while men die in the streets.
the UN
Military might, only so strong.
Demands peace with weapons trained.
here the vee is for peace
there the vee is for victory.
Kadafie for war, for his dictatorship
Eyes gone black with disease
that destroys his mind.

“BURN HIM!” his people cry, what
they demand.
No fly zone, it’s time Kadafie,

Women, children, mothers, fathers, daughters, sons: all destroyed by a greedy mans war.
Only necessary because the world
will always spin
Is always unfair, but a single stone
that ripples the water,
and the world
will always spin a little different.

Naively I wish my brother

my cousin
safe in bunks, barracks,

of the US Navy and of the USMC.
Sempher Fi, and may the winds
and waves carry you safely home.
May the hell fire stop
May the people be safe.
The UN steps in, to protect the people,

only when necessary

only when called.
Not a vindictive fight
one to save the people
As they all should.

The author's comments:
Mrs. Anderson, my creative writing teacher, showed us a slide show of ten photo graphs she found moving from the war/situations in the middle east and in Libya(which is the main topic of this poem.)I'm sorry that this is so long, but my point is made (at least I hope so)and I really like the way this one turned out.

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