Hell on Earth

April 19, 2011
By Anonymous

Born with a golden dagger in my mouth. My talents feed me opportunity although misery does enjoy company.
Scorching temperatures put third degree burns on my skin grounds. Bound to encounter lonely acts of attention.

I'm on the brink of greatness, my lips are blessed with a gift but envy seems to severely sever my tongue.
My mouth stumbling on speech, I reach for words but this deadly sin consumes my grasp for air. All this to stop me from striving .. Would I let it conquer?
I wouldn't dare!

Over zealous "fans" easing the pain assisting suicide to subside this living. I understand that a menace is exiled to bottomless perdition, left there to dwell.
But why do I have to pause at a toll?
I'm just a young women no more innocent then the next but, don't deserved to be vexed.

I'm a regular human being I do sin, but why am I damned to hell on earth in flammable skin?

Concealed into a home drenched in temptation. Sex,weed,liquor and adultery trapped inside of these walls.
The devil works in mischievous ways riots lurk in these halls. Subliminal messages sent through full moon calls.

Love triangles geometrically placed in our lives. Every wo(man) for themselves only the swift survive. Only those cursed thrive off of cracked mirrors, broken doors, cobwebs in the windows and creeks in the floor.

Sultry souls of scheol creeped in the home's gores. People say there's no such thing as hell on earth but I believe I've uncovered 194.

The author's comments:
I wrote this after my mother died. I had to live with "friends". This was about the home I had to live in...Love did not seem to exist anymore.

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