April 19, 2011
Black business and blooming bangers are bumping blocks. Black panthers still portraying our rights igniting soul power. History devouring the people dooming events to repeat it self.

Curing conspicuous KKK ebony cravers. Over coming white oppressors still over whelming our killings origins death plagues striking Afro- Americans boisterously bestowing ashes on front lawns in Mid “08” a KKK baked a cross on a house grounds edge,due to the truth of the fact that a Afro-Hispanic lives with the Caucasian kind cultly speaking of course.

All the progress we made and yet we continue to insult our selves.

What up ma N---A Listen to the language we continue to use. Notice all the help, education, and freedoms we now are beginning to abuse.

Violence accumulates amongst us, R.I.P. to Mac Mainer a BAILEY AVE MINNIE BLOCK soulja shot. He did his best for his team.

Smoke who’s stab’s duplicated but what made it even worse he was shot 3 time’s. Over something so simplistic over 3 bags of dimes.The beef dont seem to stop untill someone gets pulled away in a hurse.

Cursed to dayight shootings we decapitate our own kind. When will we learn to increase the volume on our mind and silence the sound of gun chimes?

Boog a fruit belt warrior, he strived to protect his streets. Never thinking the final day was near, they ceased his heart beat. Shot wounds to the head on Mulberry street they pronounced him dead. Another man trying to make it, make something of his life placed in his final rest bed.

We cant even complete a night sucessfuly with out puncturing somebody's life.

R.I.P. to al. He was only 18! He was just trying to redeem a typical night as to one to remember. A good kid, His head was where it was supposed to be. Foucased on them books Freshmen year college student at NCCC.

A Night to Remember?

Even the good die young.Al was stabbed to death drenched in his blood, early sunday morning. It appeared at the funeral the whole city of buffalo was in mourning!

So why cant these be lessons to teach?

Seems to me the years of our ancestors striving for future generations lives is not enough to control our tempers.

Instead of nieve mis-takes why cant we make educated guesses. Embracing our mistakes turning protest into progress.

We need to educate young minds and teach our youngers to Know Their Self. Why have these plauges of violence create wars within Thy self?

Count this as our revolution. An answer to the pollution.

Let's stop being our own problem and end up solutions.

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