The Mighty Man

April 18, 2011
By Anonymous

Leaning against the door
Using all of my force to hold back
The beast
On the other side
Who is sending powerful blows.
The door,
Nor I,
Can withstand anymore.
As the door flies off it's hinges,
I scurry out of the way,
Like a frightened mouse,
In a scared attempt to avoid
This angry creature
But there is nothing I can do
Except cry as I am forcefully
Pushed upon my bed
And yelled at
Until that vicious voice has crept through
My entire being.
He reaches out.
Kicking and screaming
Does me no good
But wards off the animal
Long enough for me to
Recollect myself.
The monster is back,
Beginning to tear the remnants
Of any life I had, apart.
I scream.
The ferocious man
Leaves me in a helpless heap
On the floor
With the bitter taste
Of tears in my mouth
As I wonder when
He will lash out again.

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