Drunk Driving

April 18, 2011
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I'm in the car
Something isn't right
I close my eyes
I hear the wind
Through the windows
Were going too fast

Slow down, Please

Stop the world.

We are hit

The car is steaming
Someone is screaming
This isn't right
Why can't i move?
Is he okay?

I see the blood rush out
he's cut

I call for help

"What's your emergency?"

We have been hit
Head on collision
Street Road and Park Ave
At the train tracks

Time is going so slow
I hear the sirens
But...they seem to be fading

I pass out

I'm awake
I hear sounds all around me
Where am i?
Where is he?
What's going on?

I try to sit up
But i can't
It hurts too much
My had is spinning
I put my hand to my face
I feel blood

I'm out again

There is someone over me
I feel her presence
She's a nurse
She's here to help
I'm in the emergency room
How did i get here?
Her name is Claire.

"Are you okay?"
My reply:
No. Where is he?

She won't tell me
I get mad
Start yelling at her
I hear the sound of my heart rate
It's beeping is an annoyance

I'm out again

I'm being poked
Like some kind of animal
They tell me I'm going to be okay

My mom is here now
She's crying

Where is he?
Why won't anyone tell me?
Is he alive?


Doctors force medicine in me
What is this?
"It will help."
I'm scared.
There goes that beeping again.

I'm out.

I'm in the car again
He is next to me now
Head in a bandage
Where are we?
"We're going home."

What happened?
Why do i hurt?
"Just relax, it's going to be okay."

I'm out.

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