Beginning, Middle, End

May 3, 2011
By Pandagirl BRONZE, Lake Oswego, Oregon
Pandagirl BRONZE, Lake Oswego, Oregon
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Beginning, Middle, End,
Time slides past, time keeps going,
Beginning, Middle, End
What would life be without ends?
Crowded and loud, but good,
Or can things only truly be appreciated when lost?
Beginning, Middle, End

A beginning fills you with hope,
Fills you with joy,
Beginning, Middle, End
In the Middle there is time to play with,
Time to waste,
Time to gather the moments of magic
that seem so mundane at the time,
Beginning, Middle, End

End, it is only at the end that we can see time,
Only at the end that we try to cling to time,
To hold onto it as it slides past us,
To stop it, and rewind it to a different time,
Where memories were fresher,
Where life is stronger,
Where ground was firmer beneath our feat,
And it only then that we realize that time slides through our fingers like sand
And that no matter what you do,
Life will slide along with it.

But love never will.
Because love has no middle, and certainly no end,
Only a beginning.
Beginning, Middle, End

Beginning, Middle, End
The end must always come,
Because for every beginning, there must be an end
And we can never change that,
But we must make sure that the middle really is as magical as it can be,
Because beginnings fade,
And endings come all too soon, But the memories, and the love that grows in the middle,
That's forever

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece when my dog died. I was so upset and angry, and I didn't understand why something could happen if there was no way to stop it. It didn't seem fair. I wrote, and read this song to make me feel better. I hope that if there are any kids out there that are going through what I went through, this poem makes them feel better too.

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