Snow day

May 3, 2011
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Falling from the sky, white as crystal ice,
To run until you fall, not just once but twice,
Settling on your arms until it makes you shiver,
Clinging to the windows and making our dog quiver,
Snow, snow, snow

Footprints in the white,
Disappearing through the night,
Ones so big and ones so small,
'Tis the greatest joy of all,
Snow, snow, snow

Watching the girl as the dances,
Round and round the room she prances,
For her, winter is finally here,
So happy she could shed a tear,
Snow, snow, snow

Balls race all through the air,
Flakes get tangled in her hair,
A missile hits her in her side,
Her brother runs but cannot hide,
Snow, snow, snow

Her daddy teaches her to ski,
But no matter what she hits her knee,
Finally she learns to fly,
Down the mountain she can try,
Snow, snow, snow

A family awake at night,
Staring at the snow so bright,
I love them all forever more,
As the snow flutters at my door,
Snow, snow, snow

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