Humanity. I'm Calling You Out

May 3, 2011
By Kitfo BRONZE, Wylie, Texas
Kitfo BRONZE, Wylie, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"Quotes are a funny thing, in that you can say someone said something and it could totally not be true that that person said that thing, but people would believe it anyway since it's in quotes." - Abraham Lincoln.

The reality is, we're born, we live, we die.
We accept that as our way of life and so we don't try
to change our thoughts our words we don't mend
the things we need to and we allow ourselves to bend
the way that we are told to.

Well picture this.

We are assigned sides, drafted onto teams
attached, appointed, ascribed, selected,
for duty to the realities which we are first presented.
We are told to stick by our ideologies, to believe only those of our own skin color,
to categorize by social standing, to respect those of our political affiliation
and to detest all others.
To make apparent to the world, our geographical boundaries
with weapons of mass destruction
and words of mass distraction.
We take sides and then we murder the others.
Often for resources, but equally often for no reason whatsoever.
We as a people have been here for thousands of years
and yet, we have found more use for our blades, than for our ears.
It's about time we race past our race problem
time we exit our bubbled ideologies
time to step out of bounds, from the political boundaries that have been set for us
we need a coagulation of countries, so to speak, something to unify the universe
with which we know and we need to think, about the
The future of humanity.

There are some out there oppressed by government or are living in conditions that don't allow
a view into the world around them, there are some out there to whom it has
never occurred that humanity, is a species.
a species that shares one planet, one earth, one home.

But if you live in a free country and have the luxury of an Internet connection to complain about
a phone to be mad at when it doesn't work
a car to kick when the tires blow out or the engine fails
or a house to come home to when you're pissed off at the world
then there is absolutely no excuse for you to not be aware of humanity's struggle.

because As you shout profanities into your phones, your virus-ridden laptops
there are children in the world shouting "Kill", "Rape", "Murder"
As you complain about the amount of work you have to do the amount of stress your going through
there are children in the world wishing that they could complain as you do.
As you look at the food on your plate and say "this is not enough" or "this is not good"
there are children in the world dying because they are lead to believe that what is not enough, is

more than enough for them.
As I write this poem
I am seventeen years old.
People might still see me as immature and not worth listening to because i have not yet
passed a certain age mark or have not yet proven myself
but in my seventeen years of life on this planet even I know that the world as we know it
is messed up.

I don't have a plan to save the world, I know i probably can't, but what if i told you
that the least we can do is what will help us, the most?

Here is your challenge.
To identify yourself not as white, or oriental
not as an atheist or a god-fearing christian
not as republican, or democrat
but identify
as a Human.
Make your beliefs what you may
but make your allegiances to truth, and altruism

Here is your challenge.
Overcome petty feuds, embrace love and peace, think of your neighbor not as one who lives over a

fence, but as a fellow human. Teach understanding and tolerance to your children. Rid yourself of
harmful superstitions and think rationally.
Go to mars. Cure Aids. Eradicate war. Find renewable energy sources. Make peace. Allocate water,
clothing, food. Allocate homes, houses, shelters. Use your talents for the furthering of humanity.

Here is your challenge.
To be aware.
nobody expects you to single handedly save America from debt.
nobody expects you to bring dictatorship to an end in North Korea.
nobody expects you to save the child soldiers in Sudan, Uganda, or the Congo.
but nobody expected that we would be flying
or breaking language barriers and transmitting information across the world in less than a nanosecond
nobody expected that we would be able to harness the power of the sky to use in our homes
nobody expected that humanity would grow so far as to do 90 percent of the things we do today.

And yet we accomplished all of these things, as a people divided.
Think of what we could accomplish, if we worked as humanity, united.

The author's comments:
what inspired me to write this piece?

The fact that the current worldwide military budget is over 2 trillion, while the budget for peace is in the millions.
The fact that every day people complain about things that people in other countries can only dream to complain about.
The fact that since the days of early Mesopotamia, the fertile crescent, the fact that we have had thousands of years to think about our place in the world as humanity, and yet we haven't figured out that killing is bad.

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